Trying to quit habits.

So I have some bad habits. Most parts do. I’ll write a couple of main ones here.

Me – Bonny. Skin picking, particularly fingers, cuticles and mainly around nails. So much until they are painful, and bleed. It’s a habit I do without even realising I am.

Bee. Scratches when sad. Just scratches skin over and over.  Not particularly hard but the continuous scratching in one place tend to break skin after a while.

So I’m aware thesr are bad habits. I can’t stop Bees, but I can try help myself and after a lot of tellings of a mocking from people about my weird fingers, I’m trying to stop. It’s hard!

My fingers were real bad.  Real sore too. I’ve picked my fingers for soooo long that my nails actually grow weird. My thumb nails are particularly bad.

Last weekend my stepsons gf painted my nails and she commented how bad they were. My SO has been commenting on how bad they were. How nasty they looked. So yeah I’m trying to stop doing it.

When they first said that I picked more. I think it’s a anxiety thing, but I’m really trying now. Although I’m not being perfect. It’s been about a week. Since  day or so before I posted the pic of my nails painted.

I hope I can quit doing it and not be ashamed anymore.

Any stress though and it’s my first thing to do. It’s habit. It’s all I have. :/

Wish me luck…..


6 thoughts on “Trying to quit habits.

  1. i used to do that too. didnt stop til i was pregnant with my second kid. i decided i wanted to have nice hands when she was born. what worked for me was to either keep them polished (which in my cna job was hard) or (this worked best) to get a manicure and have fake nails from the salon put on (they are waay better than the ones you buy at the store and do yourself). the salon nails are really really thick and it is almost impossible to bite near them or on them because of that. so, i got used to not doing it after about a month, and then i polished my own just to help make sure i didnt start again. good luck however you do it!

  2. Hi! πŸ™‚

    A partner if mine did this too (including making the nails grown in funny). She helped herself stop by putting plasters/bandaids round her fingers πŸ™‚

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