Saw T today.

We went to Ts today. Bee and Jessie spent all the time with her. Bee showed her a bad thing with some little dolls because she couldn’t speak. T kept asking if Bee wanted to play but Bee was too scared and the more T asked the more Bee got scared. Bee almost was going to cry, but when T offered her tissues Bee pushed them to the floor.

I know Bee was in a bad place. After Ts my hand really hurt. Bee had been scratching it whilst she was with T. So now our hand is sore. I text T and told her to stop her next time because she doesn’t have to deal with it hurting. Bee doesn’t realise she is doing it.

After Bee had some time with T Jessie did. Him and T both coloured pictures of Elmer the elephant. He learned that T doesn’t know the Elmer story. So he told her it. He said he’d like to take his Elmer book for T to read the story. I’ll try remember to take it next week.

Anyway after Ts SO and I came home and then went to visit our friends. They live close so we walked there and had a  up of tea then came back home and got some chips from the chippy on the way.  They were nice.

I put some pork, potatoes and veg in the slow cooker for tomorrow and on Sunday SO and I are supposed to be going to his Mums for a Sunday dinner 🙂 yum.

I randomly decided to clean my bedroom window today too. At 11pm! Cause that’s how I roll. I just felt like it. I’ve been sorting cupboards and stuff out too. I’ll do more tomorrow. I just want to get the house sorted. So it feels done. So every where is nice and tidy!! I need more cupboard space. More places to put stuff! Yer that would be nice.

Anyway I’m going. Bye


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