Damn TV provider!

Sky can go and fuck right off!!!! I’m cancelling next month. I can live without internet for a bit. I don’t care. SO will have to get over it! They can screw. I’m gonna subscribe to a free trial of Netflix until I sort something else. I’m not letting them raise my bill to £68 a month for damn TV. No way. So I gotta call on the 16th of this month to cancel! Oh and I will!!! Fuck em! 


Fuck you SKY :@:@ 


On another note, I am craving ice cream, Ben and Jerrys choc fudge brownie, mmmmm. 


4 thoughts on “Damn TV provider!

  1. sometimes it feels like internet/cable providers just rape us outright–i had the same issues with a satellite company and had to cancel early (and pay fees for that) so i could go with the cable company instead.

    so stick to your guns! more of us need to stand up to tv/internet companies and make them offer fairer prices. You go girl!

  2. I’m sure there are other less costly providers of internet service, and for only the price of a digital antenna you can grab 30-50% of all television programming right out of the air.

    There are also streaming services available via your computer – Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go etc. They are much cheaper than 68/month. You can get your viewing preferences a la carte.

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