woop go me….

I decided that I’m awesome today. 

I have been trying to setup remote viewing for our CCTV for about a week! Well today I finally figured it out, and we are able to view it on our phones :D:D:D 

Ports have been forwarded, and firewall rules created! So chuffed I finally did it! Means we can keep an eye on things when we go to Scotland now 😀 Gonna see if I can a couple more cams to rig up! Not that we are paranoid but my home is important and needs to feel secure!

So yeah, feel free to tell me how fabulous I am! Well James! He sussed it most haha. 

We have Ben + Jerrys to celebrate. Hopefully the b+j’s will soothe my throat too. Comfort eating for the win 😉


Oh and guess what else…. I passed the course I was doing 😀 Haha, woop.

9 thoughts on “woop go me….

  1. 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 hell yeah you are AWESOME!!! Now can I get you to come to mine and hook up my electronics too? Do you charge much? 🙂

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