Annie Lennox – Little Bird.

I went to my Therapists on Friday, and said the most i’ve ever said to the receptionist.

As I walked in this song was playing, I hadn’t heard it for absolute ever. It made me smile!!!

Other alters love this song! I remember listening to it a lot when we were in high school… We used to listen to it on our MP3 player on the way to T’s office. Way back then. So it reminded us of different times. Of how much T knows us, and has seen us. Of how much she’s helped and guided us through! It was so weird for it to be playing when i walked in after a two week break and was a little anxious. Maybe it was fate! Anyway t was absolutely brilliant to hear it.

I signed myself in the reception book, then sat down, and spoke to the receptionist asking her what song it was, and I said I hadn’t heard it for a long time. I think she was taken back that I actually spoke to her. I never have before. Other than saying as I’m closing the door when I leave! She checked the title for me though and I’ve had it in my head ever since.

So really i had a great day on Friday! Music I liked, and magnets with T. It still feels stupid that playing with Ts magnets makes me sooooo happy. I don’t know why. I want to tell T but feel a bit daft. My head was spinning last night when I went to bed, thinking of things everyone wants to make with her magnets! Damnnnnn I’m crazy.


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