My dobermann Max. Does everything he can to get ny attention for a treat.


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  1. ahh, he is absolutely beautiful! just gorgeous–and you can see how gentle, and affectionate he is. what a wonderful friend and companion!

    • I dont mean to be rude or offensive, I am just curious. I never knew someone who couldn’t see before. Do you see at all. Like any shades or anything or just nothing. Yiu don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. X bee

      • Oh thats totally ok to ask me. I dont mind answering. I can see light. But its my brain that sees it not my eyes. Its strange like that. If something big like a big wall is close by my face I can make out a shadow of it. But thats about it. XXX

      • I bet it is hard. I wish I could make you able to see the pictures. I’ll describe him okay.

        He is black all over. With little brown dots above each eye. Both of which are black too. And he has brown bits at the bottom of his long legs and on his big paws. Oh he has brown under his tail too round his bum. Haha. And brown round his mouth.
        He has a really long and thin waggly tail. And it hurts when he walks by you and whips you with it.
        His back is upto a growns ups just above knee when hes stood up and his head is almost near their hips. He’s big but he is skinny and muscly. Not wide set like yohr nitro. His ears are like nitros though. But they are black too. Sometimes the turn inside out and look funny.
        His fur is very short. And is almost like a coir door mat if it was brushed smooth. Like nitros feels I guess. Nitro looks like he has similar fur. Just a different colour.
        He always has a big wet nose. And his favourite thing is to lick your ears with his long tongue. It isn’t a sill wet tongue though.

        πŸ™‚ x bee

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