I can’t sleep. It’s 4am UK time. My brain just wont shut off!!!. Considering going and watching TV. Grrr.

I need to sleep otherwise I’ll just feel rubbish tomorrow.

I feel at a loss right now.

15 thoughts on “:(

  1. Well it’s just after 11pm here in New York and I’m not sleep either but not due to my mind not shutting up. I’m just I don’t know too tired to sleep. Don’t you hate that feeling? Your out somewhere and all crazy and sleepy. You get in and now it’s like your wide the fuck awake. WTF! I was dead on my feet less than half an hour ago 😦 grrrr the human body is so weird at times. Weird that my mind is calm

    • Not sleeping but I’m writing 🙂 that’s always good for me. It helps steady me a lot. It’s now 5:35am here in New York hi👋👋👋

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