Happy Easter everyone….

It’s Easter tomorrow here in the UK. I don’t mind Easter, even though i don’t really have a child to buy chocolate eggs for, but i enjoy the fun of it.Children getting excited over egg hunts, fun family movies on TV, lots of chocolate, and i remember good things at Easter as a child, we always got an egg or two. I look back and remember Easter being a happy time of year. 

Today has been good too! We went to SOs Mums for a Family get together. I was okay! No anxiety really! Even though i knew about it all week. I just didn’t worry much. Yes i did a little much not excessively, and it felt good to be there and feel okay. To be hones but i had a really good time too! In fact i had a fab time. 

Both of SOs Aunts and Uncles were there, 3/4 of his cousins + their partners, and 3 of the families children, also SOs Mum and Step Dad. Despite their being quite a few people i was really okay. I chatted with everyone. I didn’t feel bad. I didn’t even want to leave because i was enjoying myself.

I spent some time playing with the children. Emelia and Lola are 2, Archie the other, Archie is so outgoing, and has no shyness at all, Lola was a little shy but came out of her shell, but Emelia, OMG, she was so shy it’s unbelievable. So me being me, decided it was my aim to get them feeling a little more comfy. I ended up playing with them anyway. It felt good to get them smiling, Emelia ended up attached to my hip, and was able to play with the other children in the end. It was brilliant to see. Makes me excited at the prospect of becoming a Mother myself at some point. I am sure i’ll be a good one 😀


Anyway, despite not seeing T on Friday i am doing good, I have no reason to E-mail her. Although i’d like to just to say Hi, how are you. I won’t though. I don’t want to waste her time. I imagine she’s having a fab Easter break with her family 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing her on Friday! To telling her all about my weekend and how good i feel. Therapy is working!


My therapy really is working!!! That feels GREAT!!!

One thought on “Happy Easter everyone….

  1. Yay for therapy that works. Easter wasn’t great for us. But its just a tough time of year anyway. But I did get some chocolate. Two easter eggs which was nice. XXX

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