Feeling good!!!

Feel absolutely brilliant today. I’m not sure why, but i lie it! I woke up, had a nice bubble bath and washed my hair, sprayed my favourite perfume, then went to see T. 

It was a great session. T and i laughed and had a really easy going chat about things… Today i saw T in  carefree manner, it felt good. I was in a good mood when i arrived and T could see that 🙂 It feels good, brilliant in fact to just be in a good mood. A happy mood. 

T wrote some things down today during session, for the first time in absolute ages! Shows how little she hears it. I was telling her what makes me happy. It’s not often i can do that!!

Talking about what makes me happy, and seeing Ts reaction to the ability to do that has given me inspiration for a new page on my blog. Self help i could call it! I am going to create a page called “Happy Jar”. On it i am going to write what makes me happy. It will change and be added to. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all. 

I just think it’s something like that, which will help healing! Something to remind me, YES, i can be happy. 

Today i have been feeling good, and no one will spoil that 🙂 


It was also great to see T after a week off 🙂 and good to see how much effort she put into preparing her room for us with pens, teds and stuff. Thanks T. 🙂 You’re great…..

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