Eurghhhhh rant

Today i decide the UK is damn ridiculous! Prices of things are ridiculous…. I have had to order a new filter for the hoover from the USA, its cheaper by £7 inc delivery form USA than it is UK. How the fuck does that work???

Make me realise how screwed this country is! They are forcing people to look elsewhere for stuff! 


Far from taking care of your own first. 




On a plus note the engineer is coming to look at and hopefully fix my oven tomorrow. The company said if there are any signs of misuse they will charge rather than do it under warranty. My question is how the fuck do you misuse and oven. What else can you possibly do with an oven, other than cook??? So confused!


Laters guys and gals


4 thoughts on “Eurghhhhh rant

  1. maybe you started a bonfire in it instead? or decided you would try hammering it all over so it would have some decoration? i cant think of any not crazy reason to misuse an oven. hope they get it fixed soon!

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