The things are sent to test us!!!!


My ovens broke :(:( It doesn’t get warm. Now i have to wait for a damn engineer to come out….Grrr. Not like i need it or anything. It’s not even 18 month old! On top of that, the filter on the fish tanks broke, so had to send that back, not heard anything about it! So the fish are dying, and my fish tank looks shockingly dirty.

Still waiting to see if SO is gonna get a speeding ticket that we really can’t afford. It’s been 2 weeks! MOT is due on the car next month, but we are behind on bills this month, so are no doubt gonna be strapped for cash next month, and if the car needs any work we’ll be screwed! Damn bills.

The energy company haven’t taken a payment this month, i don’t know why. So i’m worrying they are gonna charge double next month and it’s getting ridiculous with them. £138 a month!!! I live in a 3 bed, not a fucking mansion. Also i got a letter this morning, council tax is going up. Dogs insurance does nothing but go up every damn year. So thinks it’s okay to spend £40 a week on his crap! Not a necessity, a luxury! AAAARGH.

SO wants to buy this that and everything for doing the garden and stuff up. I don’t know how he expects us to do it. We have the holiday to pay for next month too! I have £450 saved so far for that but have to pay up for the cottage on the 19th April. My heads hurting!!!

So annoyed. Being grown up with bills and stuff is damn hard work….


I guess it could be worse though right???


Last night we went to our friends B and T’s house. They have a Shar-pei  dog. He’s full KC and has won medals and stuff! They got him from the person who used to show him. Anyway, He’s called Monkey. They are strapped for cash allllll the time, and it shows. On the dog! He’s getting skinny! It makes me sad!!! They are feeding him on Asda Smartprice dog food. His fur isn’t nice, and he’s getting skinny. We told them this yesterday. To be told he wasn’t getting skinny at all, and if the food wasn’t good they wouldn’t be able to sell it. Fuck sake, poor dog. Some people are just blind to the obvious! If i could afford to i’d get the damn dog some food myself, but i have 2 of my own to pay for. No they’re not on orijen finest food, but they are on a good food that they do well on. It costs me about £40 a month to feed them. The bags my friends are getting cost £1.90 for 2.5kg. That just shows how bad that food will be!!! Poor Monkey. They just wont be told though! Put it this way, i’m not gonna watch that dog die! If he gets skinnier, i will call the RSPCA myself. I don’t care, friends or not. It isn’t the dogs fault they are skint. I’d feed my dogs before feeding myself! Without a doubt. 


Other than that, my SO has been super busy painting. He has done touching up in our main room, and on the stairs. He’s repainted the whole kitchen, gloss and ceiling too, and he’s now on with the downstairs loo and back porch. It’s looking loads fresher. I have done loads of cleaning whilst he’s been busy. I’ve gone through so much bleach and paper towel it’s crazy. My house smelt liek bleach for the whole 2 days. My eyes started to sting it was that bad! Can’t beat a bit of bleach though. I only have the bathroom and downstairs loo to bleach now. 🙂 I will maybe do them tomorrow or this evening. Depending. 

I got up today and made SO bacon sandwiches as a spur on for his hard work 🙂 Good little girlfriend me. 



On another note, i am missing my T. As is everyone else. We had bad nightmares last night and woke up lashing out at SO. We don’t usually lash out from our nightmares like that. SO said we jumped badly then super lashed out at him, with arms and legs flapping around, kinda wimpering and breathing heavy. It was a bad nightmare. TW*** We dreamt that the men who abused us were after us, and we were running through a forest and they kept coming up out of the ground. We were running and running away from them but they kept getting closer. We fell over, and looked round just as one of them came out of the ground and grabbed us, that’s when i woke up. END MT*** I will be sure to tell T about the dream when i see her on Friday. I am looking forward to Friday. 


SOs Mum is away skiing again this week 😦 Only for a week though. I should have heard back about fertility stuff from the hospital too but i haven’t. I don’t know why. To be honest, i’m too stressed to think about it!!!!


Best be off. Laters.




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