Become. Poem

A day can be so simple as sunshine wind or rain.
Writte by the skies not dependant on suffering or pain.
A blue sky this day can lead to such glee.
For me and for you as we branch from our tree.
Each day brings on a big growth in us all.
Getting further and further until past thoughts are so small.
We can carry strength and sadness in one shaking hand.
Pulling ourselves through deep puddles and burning hot sand.
It is miraculous the mountains we ourselves overcome.
Reaching the peak and the beautiful of which we all carry some.
All brought to us by the waking of a single new day.
Which we have blessed onto us despite what will or what may.
It is easy to close our eyes for that last final time.
Accepting to never again see the bright moon or sun shine.
Tomorrow is a new day though and we’ll continue to grow.
Growing however is tiring so much to cause us glum and low.
We are the strength that keeps fighting like the seasons of the sky.
Giving our world a purpose for each of us to get by.
Life can be beautiful in our peak and moods of glee.
Lets not be judgemental when sadness seems forever to be.
Judge life only when you are graced with a smile.
Then you’ll see that you’ll realise it’s worth fighting for a little while.

Hope you enjoyed my before sleep free write. Stayed up real late watching a film with SO. This poem is me winding down. Night all. X



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