Praying for my baby.

I pray at night for time to show my body as healed it’s past.
For myself to prove I am a female able to fulfil a mothering task.
Praying for a little life to grow inside my own.
Gracing me with a baby to which all my love can be shown.
I love a child thats not here yet but thought of oh so much.
As I hold my body tenderly hoping for magic by my touch.
Stroking my tummy and feeling a presence I know isn’t there.
Yet smiling to on lookers trying hard to seem withiut care.
I want to feel you inside me growing stronger with each day.
Until I welcome you into a world where you will carelessly stay.
I will protect you and I’ll love you with every last breath.
I’ll put you first and before the rest until my very own death.
I’ll continue to pray my sweet one I will meet you someday soon.
I’ll smile at the ultrasound listening to your hearts tune.
When I am graced with a child I will always try my best.
It has to happen some time soon I can succeed this hard test.
I cannot accept being infertile I refuse to accept such thing.
I will wait until I am blessed with you who is already my everything.
You exist already in my heart though to some it seems strange.
I am ready for you to be in my life and for everything you’ll change.
Waiting for a baby is more difficult than It would seem.
Paul and I are holding hands though waiting to complete our team.
I do not wish this wait or worry on anyone at all.
But those who are given such worry like this know that you are not alone.

One day it will be our day. One day.


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