Are you the helper… a poem

I’m hiding but you don’t know that you made me feel this way.

Crushed up in my corner waiting for what you may say.

Accepting that i won’t hear from you not even at all.

Daggers in my heart as i’m feeling unable to call.

Supported by a system broken by my own hand.

Feeling alone only my own footprints in the sand.

I need you but i’m stubborn and i’m proving i can.

Manage this without needing away hearts ran.

Pushing you away sadly but you don’t even know.

The conflict and torment that’s hit me with a blow.

I’m hurting regarding you i don’t even know why.

Could be remedied with a simple e-mail asking how i’m getting by.

I’m over thinking something which requires no thought at all.

Maybe i learnt that from you with the way sometimes your words fall.

I feel overcome with a need to be stupidly mad.

Causing inside a pain that’s so stupidly sad.

It’s almost like we’ve lost you and i don’t even know how we did.

Realising you maybe are not the only one who can help us get rid.

I don’t know what happened and i don’t know what to do.

I wish i wasn’t so stubborn but principal stops me e-mailing you.



4 thoughts on “Are you the helper… a poem

    • Is it that obvious who its about? I hope she contacts me too. Though she may not even see this. I feel stupid for writing because I am causing a problem where I’m not even sure there should be one. I feel rejected but I’m not sure I should. It’s almost like I was brave enough to ask for her help and she told me off for it because of her boundaries. That’s just hurting me bad. I want to email her but can’t let myself. Something is stopping me. I don’t want to feel rejected again.

      • I understand all too well. I know the feeling of rejection. Telling you off wasnt right of her. she could have been more gentle about it. XXX

      • She probably was gentle. I think it just maybe struck a nerve. I really should talk to her about it but I really don’t want to right now. Im gonna try sleep anyway. Night x

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