Choices. Poem.

Sitting here i’m dying so silently inside,

not the kind of dying where i’m walking to the light.

Dying for some comfort and just for you to know,

i’m not okay and i’m struggling time is going slow.

I cannot walk this path no more and cannot face this pain,

i’m walking every single day through puddles in pouring rain.

I feel like i am mad with you but mad i cannot be,

i feel oh so bad too that i have this pain you just don’t see.

I don’t know what i’m doing here or what my purpose is,

what benefit to the world am i now feeling just like this.

I do not want to be here in this very awful way,

i wanted you to just fix me but didn’t plan what i would say.

Now i’m here and wondering whether i have done the right thing,

seeking your comfort for you to take me under your wing.

Maybe i should have gone elsewhere and let you be free,

instead i was insistent that only you held the key.

I’m not sure that i was correct i’m not sure at all,

i’m doubting you and myself and inside i feel small.

I am happy you help me truly i really am,

but today i just feel like a waiting little lamb.

It’s not your fault or any ones other than all mine,

i’m being ridiculous like so usual i’ll continue pretending i’m fine.

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