A dedication to…..

My T. She is fucking awesome. Yeah she is like awesome. 🙂 even though she forgets stuff. Even though she isn’t super organised. Even though she is usually rubbish at texting back. Even though she totally misses my point in some of my emails. She’s still awesome. Shall I tell you why?

Because she is normal. She is human. She cares and she is a nice person. She is understanding and she is patient. She doesn’t judge or beliefs, worries or memories. She smiles when we need her to and most often knows just what to say. She is scared to admit if she was wrong and she never ever lets it show if she has her own problems. She is always so ready to support me and everyone in my system.

Yep she’s definately awesome and I am happy because she is my T and nobody. Not nobody at all can take that away because no matter what. She will always have been my T. I will always remember her caring, and being awesome and beautiful and perfect! She’s awesome.

She’s not going anywhere don’t worry and I’m not going all crazy attached but she deserved this moment on a throne…. damn she’s better than any queen I heard of.

So A be proud of you! On this day of reflecting, we can see more than usual that you are fucking awesome!



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