Wrote a funny verse…

This is about my SO

Paul, paul your pants are small they make me smile each day,
Everytime you wiggle all around laugh and then stop I say.
Dangling it down all southward bound until it becomes awake,
Screamimg is the only sound never ever gracing a fake.
Howling with laughter you know the reason,
Sweat might be dripping depending the season.
Everyone thinks I’m being rude,
But I’m not they’re just being a prude.
Really I’m on about your knees.

Did you like it? It’s on about him and his trouble kneeling and getting up. He’s always falling all over. I laugh like buggery when he struggles. Not maliciously but whilst I’m helping him. It’s funny. He cracks, then whined and allsorts. He says it’s because he’s getting old. I wrote this for him to make him laugh and posted it to my facebook to possibly make others smile too. 🙂

It’s good to have a light hearted moment. 🙂


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