Easy day tomorrow….

The calm may begin! Tomorrow I am gonna wear my pj bottoms all day along with my new pink jumper i bought today. Just because I can. I am not leaving the house. I am gonna allow some time for littles to draw T a picture, then let teens play on the xbox. Then i am going to let adults messbon the laptop or read or whatever. Tomorrow is a day for us. Thinking of me and my system. The kids can even play with lego if they want to. We need this time to reflect, ground and comfort ourselves.

We need to love ourselves a little. Especially with the struggle we have been having. Tomorrow will be nice. Then friday I have T. I will take her the kids pictures. I think she’ll be pleased we took some time for ourselves. Yeah she definately will be pleased.

For now though its 3am (already tomorrow) and I need to go to sleep. So kids stop messing and close your eyes. It’s bedtime… night all.


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