Oh no…..

I am having a bad day! Emotions are going crazy. The struggle is confirmed by the fact that i’m secluding myself from everything and resorted back to music and hiding in a corner. I feel like i need to talk to T. I don’t know why. I haven’t felt this way for absolute ages. I feel like talking to her would make me feel so much better! i e-mailed her earlier and said i was okay. I am not okay though. I do not feel okay at all. I think i am going to e-mail her again and tell her i am not okay! I need something but i don’t know what that something is. I feel numb. This week has been too much.Β 

Maybe i am mourning? I don’t know. I just feel sad. a sad i haven’t felt before. I want my T 😦 I feel like i could stamp my feet until T comes running to my rescue. Like a little child. She can’t rescue me anyway. She tried before and failed! 😦 I’m just sad and i don’t know what to do. Boohoo i want my T 😦 I don’t have crazy attachment to her either. I just want her words of wisdom and stuff. She knows what to say!

Somebody help!!! T help!!!






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