Missing therapy tomorrow :(

Have to miss therapy tomorrow. We have to take Kia to the vets again. She has to be put under anaesthetic so the surgeon can stitch up her wound. I feel so bad for her. She’s been so brave! We got her some ear drops today too because she has a bit of an ear infection. So in a couple of week she should be fighting fit! Thank god!

It probably sounds stupid but Kia is like a child to me. I love her so much and hate to see her hurt! I wish they had fixed her wound today 😦 All being well they will fit her in tomorrow but it’s not guaranteed. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed! Poor girl. 

Seen as we’ve been taking her to the PDSA Petaid hospital it has been cheaper, because it’s a charity, we do have her insured for the normal vets but we can’t even fork out the £100 excess right now. So we had to use the PDSA. Nothing against them i just feel irresponsible for having a dog but not affording her care properly. She is being looked after though and i am eternally grateful this service is available!

Thanks to the PDSA PetAid Hospital Leeds for being brilliant and putting animals first!


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