Doggy got a booboo.

My poor baby girl Kia has a cut 😦 we noticed it yesterday late evening.  With the funeral today I couldn’t get her to the vets. She is going tomorrow though. I think the cut may need stitches. Its about an inch long and maybe 4mm deep. It’s an open wound. It isn’t infected or anything and we cut the fur from round it for it to get air but I can’t just leave it to heal. I want to make sure she is ok.

So tomorrow we are taking her to the pdsa pet hospital. It is cheaper than a regular vets because it’s run by an animal charity. So we can get her what she needs. Thankfully! You have to leave a donation but I’m not sure how much. I am sure it will be cheaper than the local vets though. They charge £25-£35 just for a check up. I hope pdsa can fix my dog easy and she doesn’t have to be put to sleep or anything.

She’s been so brilliant letting me clean her wound with luke warm water. I’m so proud of her. She’s so brave! Our friend is going to sit with Max while we take her to the pdsa because if we left him without Kia and all alone he’d destroy the house due to being upset.

So tomorrow I have to be up early again to arrange to take her to the psda. It’s been and is continuing to be a very long and difficult week.

Don’t they say bad luck comes in threes?

1.dogs poorly
2.ex stepfathers death

Should I be worried??

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