Scared….. Or am i worried?

I finished taking the pills from the gynaecologist on Wednesday. They are called Norethisterone. They are to induce a period so I can start taking chlomifene and hopefully ovulate.

I am scared because I have difficult and painful cycles. The last one finished 123 days ago. That one was induced by the pills too back when then were doing blood tests and scans to check hormones. It’s a long time to go without a cycle. I just know its gonna be painful.

The hormones have made me run down. This horrible chesty rustle is annoying and phlegm is super apparent. I am tired too. I hope this stops before my cycle comes. I can’t have illness and pain. It will be too much! 

So I am scared of what’s gonna happen. I’m also scared of how the chlomifene will make me feel. I guess it will be worth it to be a mummy.

I know I will be a good mummy. I wont suck and be rubbish like mine is!


4 thoughts on “Scared….. Or am i worried?

  1. wow that sounds really difficult. a hard and scary thing to go through. but if you get to have a baby, then i guess that will make up for all this. sending hopeful and encouraging thoughts your way. good luck!

  2. I hear you Bonnie. You’ll make a super mom. Keep that in mind when your going through all this, how it will be so worth it in the end of it all. XXXX hug, was wondering where you were. XXXX

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