Final Goodbye to Miriam.

Friday 3rd January, Miriam was laid to rest. To everyone else in the world she is just another person. Just another Grandma. Let me tell you though that Miriam was so much more than just a grandma.

Miriam was a beautiful person. Living to a ripe old age of 94. She has many stories to tell, and loved nothing more than having her whole family gathered around her as she told them. Each was filled with her memories of being at service to others. She wasn’t worried about getting her hands dirty, and she wasn’t worried about losing time for herself. She was happy knowing she had helped others. She enjoyed it! Not just family, friends and even strangers could rely on her for a help in hand. She was a wonderful woman.

I am lucky to have met her. My SOs Grandma. She has created a wonderful family to which i now belong. I have her to thank for my Mother in Law who feels like a real, decent, and wonderful Mother to me. I have her to thank for the stories my SO happily tells me about his Grandparents, because i don’t have such memories of my own. I have her to thank for the wonderful family experience she has created, which allows me to see the silver lining in life and continue mine with some smiles. Thank you Miriam for being you!

You are an inspiration! You are a beautiful person inside and out!

On the 3rd January, you ever so loving family did you proud! Your service was beautiful. The words spoken were heartfelt and meaningful. Had you been sat beside us we know you would have approved! Instead you lay there sleeping, awaiting returning to your husband. Really it was beautiful. Your family did exactly as you wished! Everything you wanted they did. The whole family were together. The wake was lovely too. We celebrated you life. Tears were stopped as we left the crematorium and good thoughts and memories of you were shared for the rest of the day. It was a lovely day too. It is just sad the reason we were all there. 

I know you will be proud, your children will sorely miss you, as will your grandchildren and friends! Miriam i hope you can sleep happily and in peace. 

We all love you lots xxxx 



A funeral is not something i’d attended until 3rd Jan, they aren’t pleasant at all, but for my SO s families sake i am glad i attended, and of course, for Miriam. To say a final goodbye. The eulogy was truly beautiful. I have never heard such kind and lovely words spoken by a man of god. They were an exact description of Miriam and her life, character and wonderful personality. We shed tears, and laughed at the same time. It was sadly, lovely. 

Despite my anxiety problems i attended, and i managed! It was busy but i did it, for my new family and for Miriam. I chatted to people i did not know, and amazingly i felt safe and secure. Yes i was anxious to start and all through the funeral. It eased though and i managed, and for that i was proud of myself. I guess for love you can do anything. I worked hard to be there because i knew it meant a lot to my Mother in law for me to be there! I wanted to support her, and hug her if she needed it! 

She would have understood my not going, but she is immensely proud i managed. That makes me happy. 

Love you Mummy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Final Goodbye to Miriam.

    • Ye I am too. It was good I went because I also spoke with SOs ex wife for the first time aftsr 4 years together. It was good for stepson to see that all adults were okay together.

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