A summary of 2013…… Just because i can.

Jan 2013.

I began a therapy journey again with my absolutely awesome therapist. I was lucky enough to work with a therapist i had seen years before! It started monthly but we i now see her weekly, although that could change to fortnightly, who knows.

We got lots and lots of snow and i spent a fair bit of time either playing in it with the dogs, or with my niece and nephew at my sisters house.

Helped my sister get my nephew into his own cot! Big achievement!!!

SO and i ordered new carpets and re-decorated the house in lots of neutral shades of grey! I still love it, but it needs painting again. Joys of dogs! I also sold loads of stuff that wouldn’t match my new colour scheme and made some money.

We spent lots of time at A&E with my sister, or taking Oscar! The Oscar trip was crazy! It snowed really bad, SO did really well driving home through thick snow in a Clio Sport! Proud of him!

I found i had another alter called Bee.

My dog, Max, tried to kill me by pushing me down the stairs, no joke, my ass hurts for ages!

Feb 2013.

We got our new sofa and it was too big to fit through the doors so we had to remove a window to get it in the house! Fun! No glass breakages though thankfully!

Sprained my ankle moving the dog when he was being too hyper! Max, again, he seriously has it in for me!

We went to a christening, Amelias. It was in a church near the hospital i used to see T at. Being there again made me feel safe.

My new carpets got fitted. I was in love!

I found out my friends new baby was going to be a bouncing little boy!!!

I missed an appointment with T. I still feel bad for it!

I got the art/poems and etc back from T that had been in storage from when i saw her last time, and realised how little of my teen years i actually remember.

We finally purchased a onesie!!! Still love it to this day.

March 2013.

Stripped my first cichlid fish and got a big bunch of baby fish πŸ™‚

SO and i found Tepes in the woods where we walk out dogs… They were fabulous.

Friends baby, Oscar had his heart op, and learnt to crawl… we were super proud.

Finally got decent internet, or so i thought. Fibre optic is still pretty rubbish!

Changed all of our bills and saved about Β£50 a month, and made some calls to get some refunds amounting to nearly Β£200 Β from robbing companies!

April 2013.

I managed to go for a meal at SOs mums house πŸ˜€

Started more regular therapy, every other week.

I went to Alton towers with 3 friends and my sister, and it was AWESOMEEEEEE. We all acted like children for the day and had a fabulous time.

I started working with EMDR in therapy.

My niece Elodie Paige was born weighing 6lb 12.5oz. she was and still is beautiful.

I stopped writing on my blog for months.

My dobermann started sleeping in the kitchen instead of our bedroom! (he’s a pansy dog).

Despite being a skeptic, i bought a slow cooker…. I know love it and use it all the time.

We got our first Tilpia Buettikoferi fish. Big and beautiful Xena as she is now known.

We bred our Dobermann Max with Layla.

May 2013.

We got a second Tilapia fish! Now have 3 fish tank 3ft+ size wise… Tank heaven, or hell? :/

With our help friends gave Baby Oscar had his first hair cut and lookedΒ handsome as ever.

We found out Max was going to be a daddy. His mating with Layla had been a success.

We bagged the cleaning job at the offices and SOs mums!! πŸ™‚

June 2013.

Friend Becky went on a cruise and her partner and son stayed home, we invited them round and had an awesome BBQ party… We had a fabulous time and her sister ended up here too.

Got all green fingered and purchased flowers and hanging baskets for out garden over summer. They looked lovely.

Max pups were born. 10 in total. They were very very cute.

We went to the royal armoUries with friends B and T and got into trouble for sneaking into closed exhibits and causing cheeky havoc for the security.

I decided on Lime Green accessories for my lounge. It was a very very difficult decision.

I went to Aagrah restaurant for the first time in ages, despite anxiety… I was so proud its unreal!

Went to the dentist for the first time in years for a filling! (still ongoing dental visits :@:@)

Friends Mel had her second baby. Theo Max.

SO and i were referred to fertility clinic after 12 month TTC, and i was told that with my current issues i had a 30% chance of being fertile.

July 2013.

I turned 23 :O:O

We added a window to our home made shed!!! Its a fab shed! More a summerhouse.

Got my first pair of glasses from the opticians and looked ridiculous.

I got a fandabbydosey new washing machine. I’m female these kind of things excite me!

Weather was far too warm and i had red brown and white bits :/

Owned a guy who tried making me look stupid when i was selling our car! Ripped him a new asshole, smarmy tool he was! Proud moment. I know my stuff dude!

Realised how selfish my mother was!

After months of trying, our Clio finally sold… I cried like a bitch watching the purchaser drive it away! I still miss that car. I loved it so bad! Worst thing is, i can’t even drive. SO always drives. :/

Was asked to be god mother to my niece Elodie and accepted happily.

August 2013.

My nephew Deacon turned 2 πŸ™‚

Ended all ties and contact with my mother to save myself heartache! I don’t regret that decision either!

We bred Max with Ella. πŸ™‚

Went to Scarborough for the day with friends A + M and the boys πŸ™‚

We got our new economical car πŸ™‚

My dog Max turned 2.

September 2013.

Grew up slightly and removed my tongue piercing!

Got my SO a new contract phone! S4. He was chuffed.

Watched Insidious with friend M. We literally crawled into one anothers body and screamed our way through it… Talk about scared!

Went for a big meal at COSMO buffet! For sons, SOs and friends birthday. It was brilliant.

Dentist said i needed a root canal, and scared me to death of dentists. Root canal is still not done! (work in progress)

We had our first appointment at Fertility clinic, we found out we cannot have a funded IVF cycle, and were referred for lots of tests. So if docs say it’s impossible without IVF then it will be no babies for me!

We had a big scare with Max. He had a lump on his paw, we had to have it tested. Luckily it was benign… Phew.

Went to the car show with cars from films and american muscle cars and almost winded a dressed up entertainer! Cars were great.

After some complaining i got some carpet i’d had done in January replaced!

Went a bit greener in my house and bought energy saving light bulbs.

My SO turned 45 and my stepson turned 19.

Got myself bargain of the century, a 500gb external hard drive for nothing! πŸ™‚

SO and i rescued my friend M from a huge water leak at her house, and got absolutely wet through in the process. It was funny though.

October 2013.

Started using my blog again!

Finally made friends with Ms cat Smokey.

My Niece Elodie had her christening. I attended alone and still remained contact free from my mother. Although i was upset she didn’t acknowledge me but happy about it too.

My dog Kia turned 4.

Had ultrasounds and bloods done at hospital regarding fertility. My SO had to give sperm samples too! Ha.

Went with SO when he drove to Manchester airport… Along Woodhead Pass. It was so dark. It was brilliant. Scareeeeeey

I started seeing T weekly πŸ˜€

SOs disability was sorted and we are safe with that for 2 more years. Phew.

November 2013.

Discovered Nandos with SO, my brother and his family. Nandos is rubbish.

I managed to chat with SOs mum about her reservations regarding us having a child and we have solved issues.

I grew a spine and made myself an appointment with a new dentist πŸ™‚

Went to a lookout point with friends B and T for bonfire night and ate pie and chips from the fish shop! πŸ™‚

We went to Aagrah with SOs mum πŸ™‚ woop.

We had a dentist appointment…. It was scary. Root canals been attempted again, but no luck. Tooth will be extracted sometime soon.

Oscar had his 2nd birthday and SOs mum had her birthday she was 64 i think.

I went shopping with SOs dads partner! I realised that day that she is worse than an escaping child to go shopping with and had the most difficult shopping trip of my whole life.

The alternator on our car broke 😦

Discovered The Kardashians! Mind numbingly entertaining show.

Watch a toddler (Oscar) bear knuckle fight my german shepherd (Kia) for a piece of toast! Funny! He gave her a real mans stare down when she tried stealing it!

Discovered the BitStrips app. I got bored of it as quickly as i became interested!

We did a firework display with friends at home. Oscar was terrified of the bangs and cried! No-one got hurt!

I got mad at my system and fell out with alters because someone text my friend saying they wish she were dead! All because they don’t like her.

i babysat oscar and had a brilliant time.

I got some awards on my blog.

I had my first SA, SH, SU thoughts in 4/5 year! It was brutal and is something i’m trying hard with T to overcome. She recommends anti-depressants medicine or something, i can’t bring myself to go to the doctors!

Jessie and Grandma baked buns!!!

I processed a memory with my T using EMDR πŸ™‚

T made me think that she thought i was trying hard enough with her “maladaptive belief” e-mail. Luckily it’s all sorted now and laid to rest. Had to mention it because it was a major issue.

December 2013.

I got another blogger award.

We saw Max my Dobermanns puppies…. They were adorable, i almost fetched one home. It was a beautiful little girl.

We saw, then helped a lady who was knocked over by a car. It was very traumatic and horrible. The lady was conscious and talking when paramedics arrived. I still hope she was okay.

T started trying to make me see and believe that i was not a naughty child who was to blame for my childhood and bad past.

I got a kindle :D:D:D and stopped reading sad books and told myself i am reading no more biographies, memoirs, sadness! Good books only!

I managed to go shopping with SO and his mum although became ill after a few hour, and kept on been ill for a few days and missed T that week because of it 😦 I spoke with T on the phone instead, for the first time since i began seeing her again. It was very weird!!!

My SOs gran Miriam passed away, sleeping and peaceful. RIP.

I made xmas day dinner, then SO and his son went to his Aunts for Xmas Day dinner. Then to his mum for dinner on Boxing Day. It was my choice to stay home when they did these things. I couldn’t face doing them. Damn anxiety.

Anxiety got worse. Maybe because of Christmas.

I got some fab xmas presents πŸ˜€ and bough chip and kipper books for Jessie, Bee and Mute πŸ˜€

We had fab Xmas Eve drinks and New Years Eve drinks with friends. One friend passed out she was that drunk on xmas eve. It was all good fun. I ended up wrapping all of her sons xmas presents because she was too drunk and left them until last minute.

I admitted my phobia to T. Kind of… I don’t think she got it!



That was my year…. Simples….




6 thoughts on “A summary of 2013…… Just because i can.

    • To be honest ive been optimistiv with it probably not includig as much bad as I could have. I will review it though because some needs to be on there. Hope you are well

  1. What random little bits some of them! Loved them πŸ™‚ Btw, I found an alter called Bee last year too lol- how bizarre πŸ˜‰

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