In a naughty mood.

We are in a seriously naughty mood right now. All but the kids in the system are very co-con today and oh my gosh…. We are mischevious.

We just e-mailed T, i had to stop us from putting “in a bit dog shit” at the end…. Just because that’s what we say to our friends, it doesn’t mean we should say it to T. I think she’d be shocked. 

I guess it’s a good feeling to feel this way. Better than feeling depressed. 


Oh i haven’t been on here for a bit have i! I haven’t been in the mood! Pauls grans funeral went okay, the eulogy was lovely, We cried, laughed and wished her a peaceful forever sleep. I hope she rests forever peacefully. Bless her soul. It wasn’t nice being a funeral, it was the first I’ve ever been to. I’m in no rush to go to another. 

Other than the funeral we haven’t done very much that worth writing about…. or there may be i just can’t be bothered to right now.

I am in progress with a summary of 2013 to post, but lost interest, i’ll get it done soon.

I payed the deposit for a trip we are gonna have in June today. We are visiting Scotland. Near Loch Ness, with friend A & M, their children and our dogs. The dogs will love it. The cottage is set on a clearing in some woods. It’s like a real version of the safe palce i created myself in my head, so it will be interesting to go somewhere real like that. 🙂

I hope everyone else is feeling okay today too x

I’m gonna go back to reading and laughing at stupid insults on google.



2 thoughts on “In a naughty mood.

  1. Good to see you back hon. Did you get the invite to our private blog? If not go to our site and request access and I’ll grant you access. Hugs and enjoy your trip!

    • Thanks. Not seen any invites. If it is triggering stuff im probably best not reading that at the minute. Nothing against you I’m just not in the right place to. X

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