New years eve. Pic heavy!

New years Eve, more friends were meant to come but didn’t, so our old faithfuls and us had a good time ourselves!!! It was fabbbbb. 🙂

New years eve is a time for texting…..




and being verrrrry happy.


Friend and i had our first cuddle shots…. Here i was mocking her because she always makes herself look smaller on photos. Every time she crouched, i did so further…. As you do.


Serious now guys……. It’s New years Eve, Gosh.


Lets all take turns, cuddle and take photos…. The only thing missing is the bathroom mirror and down the loo shot. Friends first, N’awwww sweet.


Guess i better hug my SO…. Before he gets lonely. Seen as its New years eve….


After all that modelling…. i felt like a superstar


Friend was baffled by my awesomness and had to lean against the work surface to keep balance


Then the stardom began…. They wanted photos…. With me :O


Just soaking up the attention 😉


Other friend and i decided then that we needed our selfies moment! It was totally hip and we struggled to pick the best out of the thousands we took of us pulling ridiculous faces… These of course were not alcohol induced but purely because we are absolutely awesome and down with the groovy people.


We then all had a brief moment of duck faces and being brilliant…. pouting is cool you know!!!


Friend thought his birthday had come when he had us beautifuls either side of him…. Can’t you see the joy in his face….


It was almost midnight, so we lit the chinese lantern, to send to heaven for out lost loved ones… Happy new year up in the sky….


Then we came back inside for the countdown on TV and sang Auld Lang Syne…. Whilst watching fireworks outside.


After the singing and counting…. We continued to be responsible drinkers….. First we all gave 2013 our best 2 fingers…..


Then friend and i took our first 2014 selfies…. Even more awesome than those of 2013.


Smiles, kisses tongues and teeth were displayed….. It was strangely funny to us at the time!

It got to about 3am and friends had to go home and release the babysitter. So we discovered that my SOs phone can take a pic with the front and back camera at the same time and took a groupie shot.


We all had a fabulous evening… No one passed out… and we all woke up feeling fresh!

I even cooked our other friends and my SO a dinner today. Was lovely…

So yeah, Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2014 is better than 2013…. We’re gonna put alot of effort into trying to ensure it!

Love to you all!!!

xx Shivon and us


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