Christmas Eve giggles in pictures…

First of all, Happy New Year everyone.

I wanted to make these posts before i forgot. It is not often i have such photos to share so for a change i thought i’d do just that.

So yeah lots of pictures to follow….

Welcome to my house, my partner and a couple friends.

It seems no subjects in these photos are fully sober…. All except the child of course, and we were not excessively drunk, just having a good time… We are responsible guardians honest!

The evening started well. Everyone was laughing and having fun…. The bah humbug hat featured in many pictures.


The hat was becoming famous and enjoying our little party.


We all got hungry…. and had some pizza, in between i licked my friends face…..


We needed a group photo and used the little boy for this. He came in really handy 😉


He did very well for a 6 year old. We all look great 😉


Then he started “break-dancing” and we had to take a photo of him.


He was very good, though underestimated that my porcelain floor is very hard! Ouchee knees.


His mom and me decided we needed a ever so beautiful photo of us 😉 Super model quality.


Then like any other party, there was dancing…. Lots of dancing.


Someone got too drunk!!!! :/ We were all very responsible still and attempted to nurse her back to partying with water.


It did not work.


So being very responsible we got her coat and shoes on, only dropping her a couple times, and took her home….

What a night!

Unfortunately it wont let me add videos….


6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve giggles in pictures…

  1. Awe shoot, we are missing out on all the funny photos. Stupid blindness! Do you only have a free wordpress account? If you pay I think you can add video. Not sure what it costs for just video, we pay 99 dollars a year for everything including domain name, video, and stuff. Love your commentary on the photos giggles! :d :d :d
    Was just thinking of you tonight so glad to see you post. Happy new year!

    • Thanks hun. i am glad you can laugh at the commentary even if you cannot see the photos. i dont mind not been able to add videos. it doesnt matter really. i could always upload the to youtube…
      ive just been switchy so havent been online much… the festivities make us unbalanced…

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