Christmas in pictures….

Christmas 2013 in pictures. More will be added later. 🙂 and hopefully next year there will be even more when we can have a lovely family Christmas again.


My attempt at tree decorating! (i’ll admit that i’m tree OCD and go so crazy that i make it look crap cause i try too hard)

Next three photos are SO’s mums house…. They dig Christmas and had a real Christmas tree.




She had more Christmas decorations but i only got pics of the above.

So Christmas day and presents….. 😀




We always get the dogs presents… They got new balls and some really nice treats that they like.



We ever so slightly like pink!!! Can’t you tell! Also we love love love our new journal and scrapbook. They are super awesomely pretty!!! The journal (middle sized book) has a fabric cover. With bits that are sewn to make them stand out more. It’s fabulous 🙂



Let’s not forget our new kitchen addition. It makes beautifulness that’s so beautiful it is in no way possible to explain it. 🙂 Nom nom nom. Thanks SO’s mummy and stepdaddy.


I had to make dinner too. I actually did well! Sprouts and everything!!! SO was impressed 😀 It was nice to have a Christmas dinner too, although i didn’t have any crackers!!



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