What a day.

What a Christmas Eve we have had.

I got bribed to go out with my friends boyfriend this morning. Shopping….. on Christmas eve. It took ages.

Then we had to go visiting. I very nearly didn’t go due to my anxiety issues but I managed it. First we visited SOs mums. I couldn’t stay for ages but I went. Even though I had the option to stay at home.

After there we calles at SOs dads. They had a bug so we only stayed there 5 minutes.

Then on the way home we stopped at our other friends to drop off their childrens presents. It was nice to see the children but I was still anxious and couldn’t relax.

We came home after that. I tidied round whilst SO had a bath and stuff. Then our friends B and T came round and had some drinks.

B got erm. Very drunk. Throwing up drunk. I ended up having to carry her home with my SO whilst T sorted their son out and got him home. I then had to wrap their sons Christmas presents because they hadn’t done any yet. It took ages. At 1.45 SO and I finally strolled back into our house. Now we are having an hour before we go to bed ourselves.

We had a giggle before B got drunk. Danced, sang (more screamed) and laughed. Drank too much wine too. What a night.

Still my veg and stuff are prepared for dinner tomorrow. Just have potatoes to peel tomorrow 🙂

So that’s that.

Merry Christmas everyone.


4 thoughts on “What a day.

  1. Merry Christmas hon! Sounds like a day and a half. We went visiting too yesterday. Todays quieter. Love to you and happy xmas to you and SO. XX

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