My body just decided to remind me I have endometriosis. (As if I haven’t got enough to think about this season) he left side of my pelvis hurts sooooo bad. It’s only started this last hour, it feels like someone is stabbing my left ovary. 😦 the pain gets more subtle along to my right side.  It there but nowhere near as bad as on the left. It needs to stop, we have to go to SOs mums tomorrow afternoon. I don’t wanna stay home.

I’ve been doing so well getting out. SOs mums and friends yesterday, then today I managed to go to my sisters to drop off presents and have a catch up with a cup of tea, and saw my niece and nephew. Then we went to my brothers to drop off my other nieces presents, and stayed there for a bit. Then on the way home I said we could call at friends before we had to do last minute grocery shopping, they weren’t home so we went straight for groceries. Then came home. I am pleased that I managed to do those things.  That’s more than I’ve managed in weeks.
Tomorrow as it’s christmas eve, we need to visit SOs dads and his mums to droo off presents. We’ll be staying at both places for an hour, maybe more at his mums. So I want to feel okay and I want to be able to go. I need to do it if I can.

Only i can take steps to cure my anxiety and worry, no one can do it for me. I really am trying hard. So hard it’s silly. I wish there were a way for people to see how difficult it is for me.

I am so pleased with sunday and monday though so so pleased.

Proud I managed to go, and pleased those things are done with.

I’m gonna go now.


8 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. you should be proud–that is a lot, especially if you are dealing with anxiety. and im so sorry youre in so much pain, that is always bad. even worse, the pain fights against you in dealing with your anxiety, no fair! sending warm and caring thoughts your way.

    • Thanks. I am proud of myself, I really am iv been dreading christmas because of having to do all the visiting and stuff.
      I so bad wish I could just do everything without worrying. I always find myself looking at people and wondering if they worry like I do. I they will hate Christmas because they so bad dont wanna leave the house. I hate it.
      The pain around my pelvis is just a bitch!!! Lol, grr.
      Hope I get somewhere tomorrow. If I can’t go I hope my SO is ok with it too.
      It’s all just worry after worry
      Thanks again.

  2. Sending tons of hugs and love to you hon. So proud of you. That is a great achievement. Be proud of you too. And happy xmas. And, did you get my email? I just emailed you at your gmail account that I have for you with the password to our blog posts. XX

  3. My wife has endometriosis too. She had emergency surgery for it 5 years ago: it nearly killed her. Then about 6 months ago it was so bad again the little girls were crying on the floor from it. I don’t know if you have access to “endovan” but it’s done wonders for her and cleared up so many of her accompanying symptoms and made her periods manageable again. Just google it. You normally can buy it on sale. The first time I ordered it for her, there wasn’t a current sale and I asked how many I would have to buy to get the sale price. Since then we keep our eyes on it for when it goes on sale (every couple of months).

    Wishing you well,


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