After a long day cleaning my house this is well deserved. A bath by candlelight. They are scented. A mulled wine scent is filling the air. The bathwater is lobster red hot, with lots of fluffy bubbles. It’s lovely.

Very relaxed right now. My internal organs will be feeling like a boil in the bag. Lol. 🙂 it’s so hot my forehead is moist…. condensation or sweat? I don’t know. The water is letting off steam its that hot! Fab.

SO is out with friends partner, getting an outfit for their child or something.

He’ll be back soon.

I have T tomorrow. I am going to try my best to go. I realised last night when I was trying to sleep that I am worrying about having to go drop off Christmas presents. Crazy. They do need dropping off though. Should probably try get it done over the weekend. Then its done before Wednesday comes. Hmmm. I can just take them all to my sisters. She will hand them out on Christmas day when she sees everyone. We have SOs dads family to hand out also, and or friends children. I might take SOs dads with us tomorrow when I go to therapy and try drop them off after therapy. Having said that we will probably go to SOs dads Christmas eve and see them open gifts. Hmmm who knows. I guess it’s upto SO. I hope everyone likes the gifts we got them. 🙂

Christmas is hard work.

Anyway I’m going,


4 thoughts on “AHHHHHHHHHHH :)

  1. that does look enticing. i wish i could take baths, but i am inhibited by my phobia of wet hairs lol (true story!) inevitably, if you are in a bath, your hairs are wet, and they either float about (ick) or they stick to you (bigger ick), so i only get to dream about such lovely, enticing baths.

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