Feeling crappy

Feeling rubbish still. I have a really dicky tummy and just feel over tired even though the nytol SOs mum got me helped me sleep a little. I just feel like I’m mentally shattered. As well as feeling ill!

I couldn’t go to therapy yesterday. Due to being ill. 😦 but t let me call her and have a chat. It was weird talking to her on the phone. I haven’t done that for ages. I had to call her though cause everyone inside was mad at me for not going.

I know I’m feeling crappy when i don’t even feel like I can go to therapy!

I’m meant to be working tomorrow and visiting SOs ill gran. I hope I feel better. I want to see her! If not though SO said it’s okay for me to stay at home while he goes to work and his grans.

I’m keeping fingers crossed my tummy is back to normal. 

Oh while I was here I wanted to apologise for not keeping up on your blogs. Or commenting. I’m sorry I just am struggling to concentrate on things and just keep functioning in a blur. I hope you are all okay.


6 thoughts on “Feeling crappy

  1. Hope you give yourself the time you need to recover from being ill.
    Pleased you managed to speak with your T on the phone, even if it’s not quite the same as face to face. Hoping that settled the others, too.

    There’s no need to apologise for not being able to keep up with other blogs-it can all get overwhelming at times.

    Hope you can manage to visit your SO’s gran/not beat yourself up if you’re not well enough to.

    Thinking of you.

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