Random memory #2

When I was at junior school, well one of the junior schools. Cobblers j&i to be precise.

I remember one time asking the teacher (Mrs Kilbane) if I could go tonthe restroom. She said no because we were doing some important work. I really had needed to go to the restroom. Within a minute of her saying no, I threw up all over the desk I was sat at with a horrible girl who was the bully. I don’t know why the bully was sat with me because at times she bullied me! Anyway she was and I threw up all over both of our work. My teacher couldn’t say sorry enough for not letting me go to the restroom. I got to go home early.

Attached to this memory is a brick I made at this school. The schoold had brick mouods and all of the children designed a picture on a brick that they then used to create a seating area in the playground. I can’t remember what design I did on the brick. It would be interesting to see. I wonder if i could ever go back to find my brick.

When i attended this school my mum had me a yellow lunch box. I’m sure she got t with weetabix, she may not have though. It was yellow, with a fixed handle and two clips to keep it closed. I loved it because I got to go in the dinner hall with the nicer kids and I loved opening y box and having the nicely wrapped sandwiches my mother had made that morning. I was easily pleased, just ham and bread, no butter. Like my mother I never liked butter. They had a bell that the teaher of eachclass rang at dinner time when it was that classes turn to go in for lunch. A big cast iron bell with a wooden handle. They let a child have the job of ringing it sometimes.

The teacher I mentioned in the first paragraph, Mrs Kilbane was lovely. A cuddly lady with grey curly short hair and a hear t of gold. She got every child a book for Christmas.  She bought me the book ‘the railway children’ I still have the book. She wrote a message in the front of them. I can’t remember what it said! I loved the book though when she gave me it. I treasured it and read t cover to cover several times.

When i was a girl, the schools had book week. I dont if they still do it. I looked forward to that time at school every year anyway I would have bought every book if I could. It was at this school that teachers realised how gifted I was with reading, writing and spelling. Despite having missed months of school during hostel stays I was till far beyond my ears, exceeding alot of the children at the that were older than I was. I remember I was reading the real books with no pictures, and real stories to follow. I loved where my imagination would take me. I remember reading a book called ‘the hundred mile an hour dog’ it was my favourite book. Each time I was in the reading area of I’d read it. Despite being beyond the capability it was for, oh I so loved it. I wanted a hundred mile an hour dog. When I was about 15/16 i was still telling people that the hundred mile an hour dog was the best book ever. One afternoon I saw a copy by chance in the book store. I stood there and read it. I wish I hadn’t because the dream was broken. It wasn’t the fabulous story I remembered. I can still remember loving the story as a child though. It’s a fabulous story for children. I should read it to my littles.

Whilst I was at cobblers school I remember doing the shool plays. A nativity play one year, and joseph and technicolour dreamcoat another. Im not 100% the former was at this school bu I do very vaguely remember it! The joseph play though was for definite there. We made multicoloured pathed everything for the backgrounds and stuff. I can’t remember nwhat part I played, if i played a part at all. I wonder if my mum watched it. The coat was so good. It was a patchwork coat. It was long and fabulous. I remember been happy doing that play. It was brilliant.

We wrote poetry alot in class. My teacher liked my poetry. I once wrote a poem she considered so good that she wanted it displayed on the new wall display she was doing. I eas immensely proud. I don’t remember what the poem was but I know that for some reason I ended up having some time off school, and whenni went back the teacher had displayed it, but I hadn’t rewritten it in my best writing. She’d got one of the fancy children who were from the rich estates with nice handwriting to do it. So that it could still be displayed despite me being off school.  I was still proud. I found it fabulous that my teacher had made a posh kid write out my work because it was that good she’d wanted it on her wall no matter what. I wish I had a good enough memory to remember what it was about.

When I first started this school I got a little boyfriend. He was called Tom. He was the most handsome boy in he school, and he’d asked me out, if probably lasted a matter of days. He asked just at the right time though. I’d been gettin bullied by the horrible girl who’s work I threw up on. It really shit on her parade when I had the prettiest boy in school holding my hand sat on the tree with all the popular kids. I think when they realised I lived on the estate where the scruffy kids lived they decided they didn’t want to be my friend any more. I wasn’t even scruffy. My mum made sure I was always clean and with nice clothes and hair done nicely. I soon went back to been bullied again. I think I gave the bully some stick back, that’s probably why she ended up playing with me after all.


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