A sadness is in the air.

I haven’t wanted to post about this subject,  out of respect for my partner and his family but I feel that I have to in someway document whats happening right now.

SO and I got a call a few days ago from SOs mum. She told us how his grandma has begun deteriorating health wise, and was now unable to leave her bed.

His grandma, Miriam, is a lovely woman, she is over 90 and has a fight in her that keeps her going, although now it seems that fight is no longer enough. Doctors have said that we shouldn’t expect much more time with her. It’s most unfortunate and is hurting my SO. Me too I think, I hope so hard that she lasts out christmas and can enjoy one last christmas, but it doesn’t seem like that will be possible, she is very ill.

SOs mum and aunt have been staying with grandma overnight, she wakes up now confused and believing it’s mid afternoon asking for lunch.  They give her as she asks. They are there to keep her happy and comfortable. She’s such a sweet old woman.

She is going to be sorely missed! Maybe she will perk up again. Like the times she has before.

I wanted to write a little poem dedicated to Miriam.

You show us a love we can’t explain to people you do not know
You place a warmth in our hearts coming so natural it shows
Living your life with your family right by your side
Bringing a remembrance of laughter in our hearts with each stride
You have a happiness that’s born in you deep within
Shown simple and carefree through each line in your skin

Sharing the beauty of living with your family and friends
Through your smiles and laughter a jubilation it lends
Each time that you smile eyes twinkle with delight
Listening with ease to stories you so simply recite

Lines of laughter are displayed each time you grin
Having seen many things which you share with your kin
You help us vision the memories you so easily spill
Memories of smiles and laughter are passed down to us still

Grandma thank you for being there and giving us a memory
Reminding us of the importance of life and discovery
We’ll disregard your last moment to remember only good
We’ll remember you with smiles like we know that we should

You can sleep now grandma they understand its okay
They have come to understand that you just cannot stay
Rest your head now grandma and dream the life you have lead
Make us a path to heaven we’ll have to see you there instead


(poem has been edited and revised since initial post.)


7 thoughts on “A sadness is in the air.

  1. I lost my grandmother a couple of years ago. I miss her terribly and can sympathize with your SO. I pray for you and your family during this time… beautifully written poem by the way.

  2. couldnt find a good place to put this, but i have nominated you for the imagine award, and you can find all the details on my post!

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