What a day….

Been such a long day.

We were up early this morning to go shopping with SO’s mum. I managed Until about 3pm before i started feeling ill, head thrash and sickness. I think it was maybe a bit much. It was good though until i started feeling crappy.

SO’s mum was taking us xmas shopping for our gifts. We got spoilt. 🙂 Feel so lucky!

She’s got us an espresso machine. Woop. It’s awesome. She gave us it early so I’m waiting for SO to get back with coffee so i can try it! Hehehehe. Espresso. Nom nom nom. His mums also bought me some new Nike trainers 😀 i got them out of the childrens department, cause i’ve got little feet. Perks!!!! She got me a new coat too. It’s the exact same as my old one, but i love it. I like how it fits! She got me a new pink fleecy jacket too 😀 It’s fab!

Also, SO told her he was gonna buy me a kindle, cause i’d been using the app on my tablet and i wasn’t keen cause my tablet doesn’t like been kept on for so long, its makes the screen flicker. Anyway, he told his mum and she was like aw it’s okay, you can have mine… I don’t like it. Woop. So i have that too 😀 Awesome huh!

Love it lots. She’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “What a day….

  1. in the words of mel brooks, in the movie History of the World, his character says, ‘Tis good to be the king!’ And today, you were the king 🙂

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