Does anyone else use the kindle App?

I do often. Thing is I’ve run out of stuff to read! All the stuff I want to read is expensive too, well not expensive but when you consider I usually finish a book in less than 48 hours it could get extremely expensive.

Does anyone have any books they could email over? Does kindle even let you do that? I know some people are awesome enough and have special free ways to acquire ebooks.

Is it cheeky to ask? I guess i’d send them to people if I knew I could.

Anyway if you do just comment, I read allsorts of things but prefer books about real life. No romance stuff or fantasy. I read Cathy Glass books, memoirs,  I’d love to read some of the books about Dissociative identity disorder, but have never had the cash to buy them.

Be good to have soke new material to read.

Erm, thanks.


18 thoughts on “Kindle

  1. I’d love to help you out. I love our kindle ap. I dont know how I can though. I dont think kindle allows you to send books. However I will buy you a book, have you ever read cathy glass as an author? She writes about kids in foster care, she’s a foster parent. Let me know your email addy.

  2. You can share books as long as they’re lendable when you purchase them. It will always say in the decription if its enabled or not. Also if you join prime you can borrow books for free. There is another app called Overdrive that will allow you to put a library card you can borroe ebooks from local libraries. All free.

    • Hmmm thanks… I dont have prime unfortunately, I didnt know about library books. Ill have to see if my local library do that. I need someone with books to lend now.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. I have a couple of self-help books I’ve purchased, but the majority of mine are fiction because they were free. I’d be happy to loan you whatever lets me. I need your email address and name. You don’t have to put it on here, you can email them to me if you’d like.

  4. Have you ever read Shirley MacLean book? I love her spirituality. I have a kindle fire but have no clue how to transfer stuff

      • There are a few that I read years ago…gulp…the old memory doesn’t serve me well! “Out on a limb” was a huge favourite, as was Don’t fall off the mountain” and “Dance while you can”. I have one in my bookcase, “Sage-ing while age-ing”, which was disappointing in comparison to the others – mind you, I read that in my early 40’s…might try it again sometime soon. I tend to read websites and blogs on my kindle. I try to read some escapism-light hearted-fiction but usually forget what I read the night before!

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