Random childhood memory #1

I decided im gonna start do documenting random memories. They will most likely be short posts with just random stuff in. It doesn’t need to be relevant. Its just random.

So no#1

I remember when I was a little girl. Younger than 7/8 and my father had someone retarmac our driveway. I’m not sure if it was travellers who did it like commonly happens here. Anyway, when it was done my father came home and was fuming, the tarmac had been layed with little white stones in it.

My father didn’t want little white stones in it. So he made me, my brother and sister pick out every little white stone from the tarmac. We had to pick every single stone out. It took ever such a long time. Out fingers were sore.

We didn’t dare not do it.


8 thoughts on “Random childhood memory #1

  1. it is strange, isnt it, how these seemingly random memories carry so much pain, and yet on the surface often seem harmless. im sorry for how he treated you, sorry he hurt you. i have similar memories, that at first just seem ok, but really are full of abuse.

    • Its ok. Its just a small memory for me… most of my childhood that involves him is very bitty with few emotions attached. He was a horrible man but u was subject to a lot worse by others

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