A conversation of little memories.

This post holds no relevance to anyone but me. I wanted to save it. A conversation with my sister, (via facebook) about better childhood memories.     (some names and places have been changed)

ME: what was them flats called near eastbourne in pont?

SIS: Fuck nos why u wana knw that x

M E: cause i just thought of em n i cant remember n its doing me head in lol

SIS: it int willow park flats is it x

ME: nar willow park was further away. they wa near chequers

SIS: I ant a clue but uv got me thinkin nar lol x

ME: can you rmember them garages nect to flats? we used to cut through that garden on frying pan, to go play behind garages.

SIS: yea them r S ran into on bike haha n yea that wo near samathas that tomboy lass who thort she wo rocky lol xxxx

ME: i cant remember her. or r same running into em on bike.. i can remember a bloke who had end garage giving us somme toys once though out of his garage. n them scruffy kids who lived just after frying pan who wanted all kids to watch em shagging behind garages.

SIS: U wo ony lil wen we lived there tho n she ad a sandy colour Labrador abart same ages as jame adwards n yea a can remeber them cos that lad once ate sum shit cos sum1 told him it wo a bun haha x

ME: they was proper mucky bastards

SIS: That Sam a mean ad a dog n she wo same age as Jamie not the dog pmsl x

ME: ye i figured. i think i can remember ish. dint we all wind her up all time n then do a runner coz she wanted t twat us? or was that sum1 else

SIS: A dunt knw I once ad a fate wiv her n her mam hung out window n shouted at us lol can ya remember nitty Nora hidin behind curtain because we used r shout stuff outside her house pmsl x

ME: lol… yer…then there was that fat women, want she called michelle with loads of kids, n all kids used t wipe there ass on clothes in bathroom

SIS: Yea michells r she kept avin kids aftr we moved she even ad a black in lol x

ME: pmsl. she was a right mucky bastard

SIS: Ano wat abart them owa road frm us that want even aloud outa garden lol x

ME: awww ano… we used t proper tek piss out of them

SIS: Haha yea it wo funny lol can ya remember r Sam tekin there cousin on back of bike up t garages n he cum bk wi left her behind cos she got her foot stuck kn wheel n fell off lol x

ME: no i dont remember that. i can remember goin t jamies house though his bedroom stank o piss, n we used t nick all his mams vicks before we went t school n mek ketchup sarnies

SIS: Yea cos he pissd bed dint he lol n his mam used t put perfume on his scabby lips cos he kept likin um x

ME: yer… he used t look like he had scabies on his face. can ya remember wen me dad had drive tarmaced n med us pick all white stone out?

SIS: It want tarmack it wo like bummpie concerite want it x

ME: dunt no, but it had white little stones in n he made us pick the twats out

SIS: A cant remember that lol way abart all pets that got burried in front garden lol x

ME: too many to count wa buried in front garden. am sure we fan one of cats roadkilled round corner smashed against a fence next to main road

SIS: Haha ano lol yea we did n wen we got ome me mam ad med us beans for tea n a went off beans cos it reminded me off all brains n shit cumin arta cat pmsl

ME: sick really. was best goin pea picking. farmer hated us lot dint them fields go upto ones at cobblers or sumat?

SIS: Yea we walkd fo miles dint we n the wo a few want the them near cobbler n them on other side x

ME: yer, them on way to darr i mean, They was just as houses ended when ya went down that little mud track. If ya kept goin up mud track it went to near cobblers juniors

SIS: Or yea a thort ya ment them on same side as bungalows lol

ME: no lol. wa u there when i locked me dad in garage?

SIS: A dunt think so lol wat abart wen we ad bath in garden n we used it as a paddlein pool lol x

ME: i can remember u coming out of house when it was summer, running t paddling pool n ya fell on ya ass n proper hurt yasen

SIS: No ad cum art n frew jug of water on.ya dad n he chased me so he cud frow me in pool n a fell wen a ran off lol x

ME: awww lol. knew it was sumat lol. he was guna chuck u in pool for it want he

SIS: Yea ad just got changed anorl lol it wo funny as fuck puls Jane eggs me kn t do it lol

ME: who was it that our Taz dragged round garden by his lead? pmsl… itll of been worth it to chuck water at him

SIS; that wa u want it? xx

ME: it might have been. i was always damaging mesen. like when i was rollerbladin up driving and fell over n nearly bit my tongue off.

SIS: Ano u fell owa in house aswell n that’s how ya got that lump on ya toung x

ME: no that was in garden rollerbladin that. I can remember me mam having sink bowl under me mouth for ages n it was bleeding like hell

SIS: It want ya mad ed u wo ony lil wen ya did that cos ya cum runin frm kitchen t room n fell lol am guna ask me mam cos am sure it wo x

ME: can ya remember that time when us mam n me dad kept us up till right late seperating our bunk beds cause we hadnt tidied bedroom so they were making it so we had no room to play.

ME: im sure it was in garden. ul av t ask her.

SIS: Yea it still dint work tho did it haha x

SIS: An am guna cos am sure it wo in house x

ME: let me know what she says.

SIS: A will do n yea the went all owa corridor n lot haha n we went int that room were me mam n ant d did the bakein lol x

ME: am surprised we dint get us selves kicked out! we used t play schools n all you thick twats med me be teacher even though i was pretty much youngest.

SIS: Haha ano it wo gud tho lol yea cos we wo mekin ya brainie want we n its workd ant it lmao x

ME: pmsl no ya want making me brainy ya just new i was brainier than you 😛

SIS: Wat ever Trevor haha x

ME: lol. its surprising realy cause they had a tv room there and we never used it!

SIS: Ano cos we cunt do owt wrong if we wo in there lol an am guna gu t sleep sis av gorra b up for half 6 x

ME: lol yup… okies night.. give kids a big kiss from me xx lv ya


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