WordPress problem

Why cant i view peoples posts on wordpress app??? Its been like this for two or three days! I click on any post on the blogs I follow page and it just goes to a blank page with the blue bit at the top. Is it just my phone doing this? Its driving me crazy. Iv tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and its still the same.



16 thoughts on “WordPress problem

  1. sounds like a problem with either your phone running the app, or with wordpress.com having issues with its app on all phones. i would contact wordpress support first, to see if it is just your phone and maybe they can give you steps to follow to correct it—-or, if it is a problem with wordpress app for all phones, maybe if you are contacting them they can tell you if they know about the problem already or not, and maybe have an estimate for how long til they can fix it.

    i guess you are stuck in the meantime unless you have another device like laptop or desktop or tablet. good luck!

  2. Same thing is happening with me!! I can’t read any. I just popped online to see if it was all of wordpress but this confirms my suspicions! Please let us if you get any where. Thanks

  3. app is usually run by another app. I would go into the app settings and complain there about it not working right first. they might be able to fix it with an update. I know they recently updated the app so that is probably why. I noticed tonight, I can’t look at all my stats like I normally do on the phone.

    • Stats and stuff are fine. Its just when click to read a post and it doesnt show it. Im gonna email wordpress and etc tomorrow if no change, I am missibeing abke to read and commentnon others posts

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