Feels good.

I am on a opening up moment with T. I sent her an email in the early hours of this morning with lots of things id been keeping secret from her. It feels good to have had an outlet for those things. She has emailed back already. 

I see her next friday. We’ll talk more about things i wrote then. I am looking forward to seeing her face reactions to what I wrote. It can be difficult sometimes to see how shes reacted in an email. Also she tends to pick out the most important bits and didnt mention others that I had a bit of worry about telling her.

Now i feel like iv come on miles because a big part of me is saying that she isn’t shocked or disgusted by those things. Rather than the usual, she hasn’t mentioned it because she thinks its too horrible. The way im thinking may change, but for now, I know she just picked out the most important bits, and thats ok.

Its infact more than I wanted. I didnt expect to hear from her so soon.

I will write more later. I can’t believe I’ve only been awake 30 minutes… I dont think I fell to sleep til about 8am. I almost made myself get up and not bother sleeping. Whenbi finally fel l asleep it was very broken. Damn insomnia.  SO said I should go to the doc for some pills. We’ll see.

Oh just to add I couldn’t read posts yesterday. Iv been on app and when I clicked on them screen would go blank. Must have been a wordpress glitch. Hope its sorted. Im missing reading your posts. I hope you are all well.


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