My favourite, and the most beautiful place I’ve been.

I wrote yesterday on my Versatile blogger award post that my most favourite place to be was the lookout point over Derwent Water, Keswick, UK. I wanted to share today the beauty of this place. This post may turn out pic heavy….. I hope you can appreciate the beauty as much as i can. 

So lets start with my favourite part, the lookout point over Derwent Water, Keswick.



 Beautiful isn’t it? It’s certainly the best place to view Derwent Water from. Unless you take a trip on one of the motor boats, Which we have done, but i still prefer the view from the lookout point, it offers a 180° view of beauty.

The following are again Derwent Water but from a different viewpoint.



The views above are from the boat docks. Stood on the rocky sand areas right beside the lake. One the first picture you can see a little island, it has the lake all the way round it, despite this there is a house on it, and someone actually lives there. This is the house, we got this photo when we hired out a motor boat to go on the lake.


It didn’t look so big from the boat docks. This next picture is the viewpoint i like so much, from the motor boat.


The viewpoint doesn’t quite have the same beauty from this angle! 

The next photos are of Lake Windermere, viewed from Lakeside and Ambleside.


 The above was viewed from an elevated position near Wynlass Beck, Windermere.

The following is a picture of the water running down to Wynlass Beck.


It’s even more beautiful in person!

Back to Lake Windermere,


the above is taken at Lakeside, behind us was the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway and it’s lovely Steam Trains.


 The above picture is just one of the steam trains, we never actually travel on them but the smell and sound of them when you are beside them is lovely!

The next photos are taken from our walk up Rydal mount, near Ambleside. 


The above is from mid way up. I gave up going up at this point, but my Partner carried on to the top.


The above is from the very top. Both pictures show a distant view of Lake Windermere. You can also see Grasmere lake from this area but we failed to photo it. The owners of this area are the Wordsworth family, and William Wordsworth lived in the house at the foot of the mountain from 1813 to his death.

The following photos are of areas around Rydal Water and Grasmere.


The above is a view of Rydal Water from a viewpoint near Rydal cave. 


The above is why the are is called Rydal cave. This cave is man-made from when there were slate quarries here. It’s worth a look though despite it not being formed naturally.


We enjoyed the walks round Rydal Water, The above is just us making out way down towards Loughrigg Terrace to Grasmere Lake, where we stopped a while with the dogs so they could play in the lake,


and following is a picture taken from the same place, without the dogs and a more specific view of the fells.


We managed to take some photos of Rydal Water from the roadside.


The view is beautiful with slate walls, trees and water. It’s very peaceful.

The next photo isn’t actually of the Lake District as such, it was taken in Bentham near Ingleton whilst we were travelling to the Lake District. My partner used to go here as a little boy with his family,


and he played in the stream you can see in the photo with friends he made.

The next photo is of the fells, taken from Castlerigg stone cirlce, near Keswick.



The following photos are taken looking down onto I believe Haweswater reservoir.



and last but not least, my Dobermann Max showing you just how happy visiting the Lake District makes him!


 I hope you enjoy this post! I have enjoyed looking through old pictures to make it. It has reminded me what a wonderful time we had on our recent Lake District visits. I need to make sure i book us a week or maybe two there next year! 

Hope everyone is well.




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