We did a personality test.

We saw a personality test that greengrowsdark put a post up about. It looked interesting so we gave it a shot. Just for something to do. Let me tell you that doing a personality test with all of our opinions is difficult, but we did it, and answered as correctly as we could collectively.

According to the test we have a INTJ personality. John F Kennedy is said to have such personality type, and Thomas Jefferson. Cool huh!

So what is an INTJ Personality i hear you ask. Apparently the INTJ Personality type is one of the rarest and most interesting types. (Yup we are definitely interesting). Such personalities are often seen as highly intelligent and perplexingly mysterious. (Ha at highly intelligent). This type apparently radiate confidence! (Couldn’t be more wrong about us). I guess to others we look confident but we really am not. Maybe that is what it means. It does say they are often bookworms though which for us is very much true!

INTJ personalities are labelled as most independent (yup deffo independent, think we can do everything alone). It says they do not enjoy being in the limelight and so may keep opinions to themselves (maybe we are this type of personality).

I’m gonna make some bullet points with bits of info about this personality type. It’s really quite interesting;

  • INTJ personalities are perfectionists and they enjoy improving ideas and systems they come in contact with. As INTJs are naturally curious, this tends to happen quite frequently. However, they always try to remain in the rational territory no matter how attractive the end goal is – every idea that is generated by the INTJ’s mind or reaches it from the outside needs to pass the cold-blooded filter called “Is this going to work?”. This is the INTJ’s coping mechanism and they are notorious for applying it all the time, questioning everything and everyone. (True for us)
  • INTJ personalities also have an unusual combination of both decisiveness and vivid imagination. (We aren’t really decisive)
  • INTJ personalities also often shoulder the burden of making important decisions without consulting their peers. (true)
  • INTJs themselves are either proud of their traits and wear them like a badge, or see themselves as eccentrics and do their best to mimic the behavior of other people, trying to blend in. (blending in is good)
  • INTJs tend to have very few good friends – but they also do not really see the need to have a big social circle.
  • INTJs are used to suppressing their own emotions and will struggle if their child is very sensitive – there are many other personality types that have difficulties in this area, but INTJ personalities are likely to find this especially difficult. (:/)

Reading all this stuff i think the Personality test got me wrong :/ I don’t fit most of the stuff the description says. These are just some of the things i do fit. I guess though having DID some of us may follow this trait and others not… Weird. I;m not about to have us all do the test though it would take ages.

So yeah personality test.

http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test there’s the link. you should try it. it waste some time if nothing else.


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