Not here

Not withvut today. Havent posted. Ill post tomorrow. Im okay just need space. Heads a real mess thinking about total rubbish. We emailed t.
Waiting tobhear back.
Hope your all well.


10 thoughts on “Not here

    • Don’t worry about her she’ll be ok. She’s waiting patiently for an email back from her T with an explanation. Thanks for doing the post we look forward to reading it.

      • remind her, please that T has said nothing bad about you, tis a term for a condition or part that is common with PTSD and depression. You knowing more, is how you can goal set to help you, to target therapy. So you understand how the treatment works. 🙂

      • Yeah she’ll see your comment. She’s just having a moment cause everyone is getting on at her about having therapy and stuff and she can’t cope with them all having a go.

      • Your T missing an appointment with you isn’t Bonny’s doing, she wants to see her also, this is when you all need to work together to make everyone feel better. To be supportive.

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