Tired and hungry.

It’s been a long day! I went shopping this afternoon with my SOs dads partner. She is awful to shop with. She kept wondering off and I spent most of the time looking for her and stressing about where she could have got to.

I managed to get more xmas presents though so least I’m getting on with that. Not a major amount left to get now. I wish SOs son would decide what he wants though! 

I got home and spent a few hours wrapping all of the gifts. It was hard work and my back is aching like hell! Sitting on the floor that long bending over presents is not good. All the gifts I have upto now are wrapped though.

Now I am waiting for our friend to leave, he’s quickly called in, so I can make food. We are having a indian meal. Can’t wait. I’m so hungry.


That picture is a big lit up reindeer at the shoping place I went today.

It seems weird it being Thursday and not planning to see T tomorrow. I’m not gonna know what to do with myself tomorrow! I wish I was going to see her 😦

I have decided to send my father and mother a xmas card. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just stupid. They just need a stamp and posting. Crazy me!

I hope everyones keeping well. Sorry I haven’t been commenting too much. I just haven’t got the energy lately. insomnia is catching up with me. I know you’ll understand.



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