Christmas list….

Here I am going to do a christmas list, because I’m a big baby and I can, and why not. This can be my list of things to buy myself over 2014 🙂

-A really pretty scrapbooking journal, thats girly and pretty on the cover.

-One of those fancy electric toothbrushes cause they are meant to be better than manual ones.

-A baking recipe book

-Some good kitchen knives because mine are cheap rubbish ones.

-Some new slipper socks because the ones I have are getting really worn.

-A crock pot/slow cooker recipe book

That’s it, for now :):)


8 thoughts on “Christmas list….

  1. You’re not a baby for making that list! I am actually going to come up with a list of presents I want my family to buy me! I used to do this as a kid and stick it to the fridge, haha!

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