Just a quick one…

Had a long day today. We’ve been working, and had to visit SOs Grandma, for her birthday, SOs mum and Aunt were there. It was nice to see them. SOs Gran had so many flowers bought, we got her flowers too. It’s hard knowing what to buy a 90 odd year old! I think she 94/93 they did say, I’ve forgotten. Anyway, we visited Becky and Tarty on the way home. We haven’t seen them since we had the firework night. They are both okay. Stressing about wanting to move house and things. She’s in such a rush she wants to do it straight after Christmas. Crazy bird.

So now we are home, and chilling. I made the most awesome food for dinner! Beans on toast, cause that’s the way i roll! Talk about fine dining! SO enjoyed it though. We were bother super hungry. 

SO has just nipped out. I am waiting for him to return so i can un-pause the TV. He should be back soon.

I’m waiting for my T to get back to me with the longer reply to my e-mail that she’d mentioned. Maybe she’s forgotten. That wouldn’t be unlike her. I was going to e-mail her, but i’m feeling okay so there is really no point in wasting an e-mail just to say I’m okay but where’s this e-mail. She’ll remember eventually. It’s gonna be strange not seeing her on Friday. I hope she remember to e-mail us about her Christmas time off.

I’ll probably post later, i don’t have much to say right now. 


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