Busy day tomorrow.

I’ve not really done much today. Other than laundry and dishes. I haven’t even put the laundry into the dryer yet! We called at a friends to see Oscar, it’s his 2nd birthday tomorrow and today his mum had him a little tea party. We are home now though and it’s chill time.

I need to try get to sleep early tonight because I have to be up early tomorrow.  I am going shopping with my sister in law. I’m going to try to get some xmas presents for people because I don’t have any yet. Then after that we will be going to take Oscars birthday presents. We bought him a big dumper truck toy and a little tomy push along car. He should like them 🙂

Regarding feelings. We are kind of emotionless right now. It is like we are just going along with things. We are not sad, we are not happy. Just numb and going along with daily tasks. I’m not sure what to think of it.

I have a post I want to write about peoples views on levels of trauma, but at the min I haven’t really got the energy to do it. I just keep seeing more and more posts with people saying they’ve heard their suffering is less than anothers. Things like that bug me. I’ll write a post later when I am on the laptop.

Oh I guess I can add. Yesterday buns were baked, with baby pink icing on top. Yummy.

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