Puttin the blame where it lies….

I messaged T on Friday evening about what we had talked about in session. (Blaming myself and etc)

It was just an email backing the ‘it’s my fault’ statement up. I know that most people who suffered say it is their fault and it is their Ts aim to make them see differently and I’m totally supportive of that.  Those people were not to blame. In my case though. Denying that statement is ridiculous!

I gotna short reply back from T this afternoon. She is working on a longer reply, she said. She also said she still believes I did nothing but try protect myself. The most important thing she said though is the following…

You are still in my eyes an amazing and resilient young woman – it does not in any way change my view of you!

That statement has made my day. I do not want her to think badly of me, not at all, and I am happy she doesn’t.

Today I am grateful even more for having such a thoughtul T who always knows what to say.


4 thoughts on “Puttin the blame where it lies….

  1. I wish I could email my therapist. Especially on days like today when my mind gets the best of me.

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