Strange, or not, food combos.

So whilst having our lazy food just now (pot noodle) i got to thinking about my sister, she always used to either pour pot noodle all over chips, or use it to dunk crisps into… The latter, YUK! So i was thinking about other strange food combinations, (strange to me) and thought i’d make a post about it, because my SO is watching crap on TV i don’t care much for so this will entertain me πŸ˜€ Lol. Anyway, Let’s have a think of 10 Strange food combos…………

1. Banana & cheese sandwiches! This just doesn’t sound appetising to me. I’d imagine the bread just going super soggy, makes my stomach turn thinking about it! Some people even make toasties using bananas and cheese :-X


2. Peanut butter & Jelly? Why? I know this is popular in certain areas of the USA, and i like both things on their own, but together? Oh no.


3. Fried dipped in ice cream. This is apparently quite common, and i have seen it done. Never actually tried it. I guess i’m a firm believer in dinner then desert and have been taught not to eat the two together.


4. Cheese & tomatoes on crumpets. I have so been meaning to try this! I always forget when i make them. I’m unsure how it will be. It could go either way.


5. Crisp sandwich (Potato chips). Childhood favourite. Some find odd. I believe they are 100% missing out on a good thing. I am not scared to admit i still have crisp sandwiches now. Just bread and crisps, no butter.



6. Pizza & Nutella. What possesses people to eat these things? I wonder also what type of pizza, or maybe its just dough and nutella, in which case i guess it’s just like a croissant with nutella. Hmmmm.


7. French fries with salad cream or mayo. Oh not his is not good. My SO does this and i think it is disgusting. It’s just wrong on so many levels.



8. Cold rice pudding with custard. Just No! NO NO NO.

images (1)


9. Battered Β Mars bar. I don’t know if they do this in the US, but when i was a craze that was high in demand. Not by me! Who thinks this stuff up? I think you can get battered banana too. Strange



10. Crisps (potato chips) dipped in Ketchup. My sister used to do this, she dipped crisps in everything. Me personally i think the crisps taste just fine on their own!



It’s actually harder than i thought to remember weird food combos I’ve seen, but here’s what i can think of and remember. Some are just plain crazy! In my opinion!

What strange food pairings do you do? Dare you admit something strange things you do and eat with your food? Comment with strange combos you or your friends do.

x S x



24 thoughts on “Strange, or not, food combos.

  1. I remember dipping Macdonalds fries in ice cream as a kid but I don’t know if I liked it that much or just did it because everyone else did. I like hot chips (fries) on a bread roll.with tomato sauce (ketchup). I haven’t had one in ages, they’re so unhealthy but so good!

  2. Oh Double S is here, that is nice. πŸ™‚ but fries in ice cream. blech. lol I am going to have to have a word with her.

    ok so your list, cheese and bananas, blech for sure, omg.

    but peanut butter and bananas and honey on toast, mmmmmm,

    peanut butter and jelly? really? you don’t like that? but it is so gooooood.

    We put maple syrup on crumpets with melted butter. omg, sometimes with whipped cream. I am drooling now.

    Chips in a sandwich? hmmm I have seen this often but have not tried it. I must be living under a rock.

    Now Nutella on a pizza could be yummy, not with cheese or anything, well maybe cream cheese. Bananas are good with Nutella too.

    I have friends that use mayo on fries, they call it white ketchup. blech. lol

    hmm cold rice pudding is yummy.

    oh deep fried mars bars.. mmmmmmmm you have to try that, omg.

    potato crisps. I am thinking these are what we call chips.. and they have ketchup flavoured ones, they are good.

    eeeps, I just finished dinner and am craving something sweet now. lol. oh Halloween candies are left over, mmmmmm.

    • Yup double S is here. Lol @ double S. Fried in ice cream doesn’t appeal to me either. Yuk. I never tried peanut butter and Jelly, the thought of it has always made me feel a little queasy! I always have butter on crumpets, but no syrup. You really should try chips in a sandwich! It’s a easy peasy snack, that tastes good. mmmmm nutella. white ketchup is dirty lol. your opinion on rice pudding is from here on out invalid just because you eat peanut butter and jelly πŸ˜‰ i wont try deep fried mars bars. no no, they are much better with no batter. ketchup flavoured crisps??? are you serious? It gets worse lol. something sweet is good. I have Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate πŸ˜€

      This post has been written with no thought of how it reads. I apologise. There were thoughts not my own so we just rambled

      • I am giggling. You must try peanut butter and jelly. Please put it on your to do list right away, I am in shock, lol.

        So you toast the crumpet, then butter, it melts, then syrup and whipped cream, you will moan.

        We have tried the deep fried mars bars at fairs, they are a gooey treat. The batter keeps the mess controlled.. a bit. Ketchup, yup, there are so many flavours of what we call chips.. even roast chicken lol.

        oh, She thinks double S stands for other things, but I have begun to notice it is Sunbeams and Smiles. pssst, don’t tell her. πŸ˜‰

      • I don’t know if i could do it…. Peanut butter and jelly. Eurgh, makes me shudder.

        I might try crumpet with syrup, not whipped cream though.

        I don’t possess the need to try deep fried mars bars lol

        We have lots of flavours of crisps, roast chicken ones are pretty good!

        Sunbeams and smiles? I like that. It suits her lol. I won’t tell her. I’m good at keeping secrets πŸ™‚

  3. Ive never heard of bananas with cheese, eew! My sister and did used to dip our fries in frostys from Wendys when we were kids though, we also used to put them, or chips in our sandwiches of all kinds.
    If you dont eat peanut butter with jelly, what do you eat it with? My sister like PB and honey, and my dad eats it with pickles or tomatoes, soooo gross.

  4. My partner does something very strange… he puts a bar of chocolate (flake usually) in chilli…….. grim!

      • Have you seen the picture of the mint chocolate pringles doing their rounds? Sounds disgusting if you ask me lol

      • no, that sounds nasty! Not a combo i’d want to try, My friend was telling me just yesterday that she’d hears the brand ‘Walkers’ were going to be trialing crisps coated in chocolate in the USA. She decided they’d probably be like those mikado breadstick things, but i think they’ll be horrible.

      • I think they’ll be horrible too. Even chocolate strawberries that everyone raves about makes me go bleh…!

      • Yeah me too with the strawberries, i used to be a waitress, and i always manned the chocolate fountain, strawberries dipped in the chocolate was able to turn the stomach. Not nice

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