Lacking in feelings….

Feeling like a breeze on a summer day. Careless, our mind free, pleasant and enjoying serenity.

Hahahahaha. Yeah. We are feeling emotionless, not in a bad way. Things are calm. We are waiting for SOs son to arrive with his GF to stay the night. I don’t know what time he’ll turn up.

I was just thinking that wordpress should have a chat widget. That would be good. Easier than chatting through comments. I looked to see if they do but, i couldn’t find anything concrete. Comments will have to do.

I thought about baking this evening but despite wanting to, i really have no motivation (energy wise) to get up and do it. Lazy i know! I am gonna get up and make a cup of tea though šŸ˜€ I can do that. Or have a beer. Mmmmmm.


Today i decided being able to openly talk about my past, present, future and diagnosis’ on here is a very good thing for me šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Lacking in feelings….

  1. It is comforting yes? To be able to open up with no fear of backlash. It is not just venting, though that is important. It is a form of feeling good about yourself. Tricky huh?

    • I don’t deny that some of my writing makes me feel good, not necessarily about myself, more because i’ve had an outlet.

      Having no fear of backlash is nice. With the small detail i put on here, even they couldn’t find out i had vented about certain things.

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